15 minutes late with a Starbucks on everything I do.

I changed some things on my body today.pic

I changed some things on my body today.

First of all, this morning I shaved a part of the left side of my head. I first planned to shave it all, just like…
EdIsAGenius Jan 08, 2014

Hot Or Not: Katy Perry At NMA

First of all, let me tell you that the NRJ Music Awards is not the greteast award existing. It's the French version of... let's say People's…
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EdIsAGenius Dec 15, 2013

Live: Panic! At The Disco (+ New Politics) In Paris

Hey gals and guys! So, on November 16th, I got the chance to be a partner for the show of Panic! At The Disco and New Politics…
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EdIsAGenius Nov 18, 2013

Paris from a Parisian and a GoPro

Hey folks! If you spy me on Instagram, you might have seen that I got as an early Christmas present a GoPro camera. Told about it in…
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EdIsAGenius Nov 10, 2013
Say What?! Transit Announce Acoustic EPpic

Say What?! Transit Announce Acoustic EP

Pop-punkers from Boston, MA of Transit have announced a new acoustic EP which will be released on December 2. So now you know what you can…
EdIsAGenius Nov 04, 2013

Tay Jardine Photoshoot for Glamour Kills

The lovely singer of We Are The In Crowd has rencently got her picture shot while wearing a Glamour Kills jacket. The jacket that she loves has…
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EdIsAGenius Oct 16, 2013
Currently working on a brand new custom jacket for myself! More soon!pic
Some love from talent manager and music editor of the best community website ever. pic
I'm going on tour...pic

I'm going on tour...

With my favorite band ever, Fall Out Boy. On tour, like, following them as they travel Europe and UK next March. Wembley Arena in London is…
EdIsAGenius Oct 04, 2013
BuzznetPhotoaDay 21 - peace sign. Lights ft. CoeurDePirate acousticpic
BuzznetPhotoADay 20. Tattoos.pic
BuzznetPhotoaDay 11 - Doodle. And eventually, it ended up on some jackets....pic
buzznetphotoaday 10 - celeb or irl crush. Tay Jardine. pic
Things I'm Falling In Love With: get to know mepic
BuzznetPhotoaDay 9- street art. Some posters near a venue reading the mustache will win!pic
BuzznetPhotoaDay Day 8 - Grandparents' Day. Wish I knew them more. Too young when they left me.pic
BuzznetPhotoaDay hair. It has finally grew back, and I love the style I'm giving it. Thanks L'Oreal.pic
BuzznetPhotoaDay me with Pete Wentz. flashbackfridaypic
Totally not bitting myself... A little only.pic
This has been my life since 2009 to... Three days ago. 35 tickets, but I've been on list many times.pic
Me and Tay Jardine of We Are The In Crowd as I gave her the jacket. Love was and still is in the air.pic
Thank you Kate for this, it's too much. You're crazy!!pic
I'm back home. Thanks Sara for this.pic
My hair is back, longer than ever, oranger than ever.pic
I might use this app a lot.pic


This is the gallery coming with this post, but only Bangkok for now. #EdWasInBangkok
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EdIsAGenius Aug 08, 2013
This citypic

This city

So, yeah, this is the Eiffel Tower in case you didn't know. Was on the Champs Elysées earlier today, decided to go up to the…
EdIsAGenius Jul 08, 2013

Happy 34th Birthday Pete Wentz

As you know, I loooooove Fall Out Boy. And 34 years ago today, bassist and lyricist Pete Wentz was born. To quote Will Smith, let's give a round…
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EdIsAGenius Jun 05, 2013
I'm taking the world overpic

I'm taking the world over

So, this morning, I woke up with a tweet from Buzznet Staff member Kate. First read that I was featured in the new Alternative Press magazine. Thought it…
EdIsAGenius Jun 01, 2013

Iron Man 3 Red Carpet - Paris

Hey boys and girls, what's up? If you live in the USA, maybe you were at SXSW (lucky you then), but if you were in Paris like…
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EdIsAGenius Apr 14, 2013
Look what I found in Parispic

Look what I found in Paris

Hey guys. Guys. Look what I just have found in Virgin Megastore in Paris. YES! Fall Out Boy's new album Save Rock And Roll! I…
EdIsAGenius Apr 11, 2013
New Found Glory In Parispic

New Found Glory In Paris

You might not care if you don't live in France, but as I do, I'm jumping on my butt. New Found Glory are coming late August…
EdIsAGenius Apr 10, 2013
Buzznet Photo Assignment: My Favorite Photopic

Buzznet Photo Assignment: My Favorite Photo

El Rich asked us what is our favorite photo. Like, THE ONE. I first wanted to show a picture of Pierre Bouvier I took a…
EdIsAGenius Apr 05, 2013
We The Kings Single Artworkpic

We The Kings Single Artwork

Hooray! We The Kings have revealed the artwork of their upcoming single entitled "Just Keep Breathing". The band should release the song soon.   Are you excited about this new song?
EdIsAGenius Mar 31, 2013
New tattoo!pic

New tattoo!

Hey guys! This is my new tattoo I got today. As you see, that's the hover board from Back To The Future. That saga is…
EdIsAGenius Mar 26, 2013

The Stage Evolution Of Hayley Williams

The little Hayley Williams of Paramore grew up since the first stage of the band. But we still love her, not matter what, and I…
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EdIsAGenius Mar 25, 2013
Paramore in Parispic

Paramore in Paris

GUYS. GUYS. Guess what? I'm seeing Paramore NEXT WEEK in Paris! I know someone (Sara) who might be jealous, but I'll sing along just for…
EdIsAGenius Mar 25, 2013
Save Rock And Roll Track-list Revealed?pic

"Save Rock And Roll" Track-list Revealed?

It looks like Fall Out Boy's forthcoming album's, "Save Rock And Roll" due April 15/16th, track-list has been leaked on the internet. Nothing official from the…
EdIsAGenius Mar 23, 2013
Bloggers Against Cyberbullying!pic

Bloggers Against Cyberbullying!

Join the BAC group today if you are against cyberbullying of any kind. Also, please feel free at any time to submit a story to…
EdIsAGenius Mar 07, 2013

Happy Birthday Tay Jardine!

Today is Tay Jardine's 23rd birthday. Here are some of my favorite pictures of We Are The In Crowd singer. Also, she's only 3 years older…
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EdIsAGenius Mar 07, 2013

Scans: Fall Out Boy in Kerrang!

Fall Out Boy are hitting the cover + interview with Kerrang! Magazine. I know everybody can't buy this, I can, so as I'm so nice…
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EdIsAGenius Feb 22, 2013

All Time Low signing

All Time Low was in France, on the 16th of February for a concert and a signing session at Landscape Rockshop, in Paris. © Edouard…
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EdIsAGenius Sep 02, 2010
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